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I couldn't stop laughing!

This is so far outside of Nancy's usual writings, but I loved it. I could relate to every one of her stories, as I'm a crazy cat lady myself.
With every page I turned, I kept thinking about all the things my two cats have done and now I know that I'm not alone in this wonderful life with cats. Keep writing about your little terrors! Everyone with a cat or two can relate! Loved it, loved it, loved it.

By Sheri L. Guilds



Too True

A wonderful chronicle of one woman's decent into the madness of cat servitude. A helpful book for crazy cat ladies looking for a kindred soul, or a dire warning to those still cat-less? You decide.


Warning! Too funny to put down.
Read this book last night, I stayed awake till I finished it, I enjoy reading Nancy Henderson's books. She can bring the story to life. Can not wait for the next book, Keep up the great work.
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